We trade, invest and make beautiful internet things
What We Do
Esanjo is a privately owned trading, investment and technology business. From our roots in the heart of Asia, through to markets in the Middle East and further afield, we put capital to work across a variety of interesting opportunities
We Make Beautiful Internet Things
With a deep background in e-commerce, we build and experiment with technology plays including Nomod, Farfill, and more!
We Supply Precious Metals to Emerging Markets
Whether you’re looking to diversify your portfolio or source raw materials for your next jewellery collection, with al bogari, we supply precious metals to customers across emerging markets. From silver grains through to LBMA approved kilo bars, we’ve got you covered.
The Hunt for Profitable Growth
We invest in e-commerce, private and public equity, as well as in alternative assets. Niche, often contrarian and always looking outwards towards the horizon, the search for the right opportunities continues
A Lifetime of Experiments
In 1974 our family set up al bogari Trading Co, a general goods store in the heart of Dubai’s old trading district. Fast forward 45 years later and we’ve built al bogari Holdings, a proprietary capital led trading, investment and technology firm, propelled by new ideas and thoughtful execution.

In mid-2017, we founded Esanjo, a new vehicle for experiments in consumer tech, after selling JadoPado, our much loved 💙 e-commerce marketplace platform that we built and ran since September 2010.

In late 2018, we combined al bogari Holdings and Esanjo to create Esanjo Ventures, a more streamlined and efficient vehicle to continue to go to market with.

We believe that building great businesses that stand the test of time takes patience and much perseverance. Thus we attempt, evolve, attempt again and continue to evolve. In line with our Islamic heritage and our belief system, we strive to ensure that our approach is always consistent with the principles of Sharia.

This is where our story continues.
What’s in a name?
Esanjo originates from combining the “e” from electronic and “asanjo” which is a Memon (a small globally dispersed community with its origins in the state of Gujarat in India) word that means “ours”, to become “electronically ours” which in our view is everything that the Internet brought to the world — an open, permission-less, collective ownership of the future.
We’re always happy to hear out interesting ideas!