At Esanjo, we create, build and invest in beautiful technology businesses.
    We founded Esanjo in the summer 2017 as as our answer to what should come next after selling JadoPado in earlier the same year, our much loved e-commerce marketplace platform that we built and ran since 2010. This is where our collective story continues.
    What’s in a Name?
    Esanjo originates from combining the “e” from electronic and “asanjo” which is a Memon (a small globally dispersed community originating from the state of Gujarat, India) word that means “ours”, to become “electronically ours” which in our eyes is everything that the Internet brought to the world — an open, permission-less, collective ownership of the future.
    What We Do
    We build our own products, we create product from scratch for our customers and we occasionally invest in founders and businesses that we think look interesting.
    Our Audience
    Whilst we love building for a global audience, growing up and spending much of our lives in the Middle East we have a deep understanding, appreciation and context for what makes the region tick, as well as what doesn’t.
    Where We’re Going
    Our vision for Esanjo is to build an interesting, steady growth, profitable, technology business. We want to be a great place to do interesting work with incredible people, off the wall ideas and plenty of room for experimentation. We have no interest in taking on funding nor turning into the next unicorn.
    If any of this sounds appealing, we're hiring.