What We Do at Esanjo
    Creating & Building
    We create and bring new products to market where we own both the product as well as the experience, whilst at Lochal we consult, design and build products for our customers.
    With convenience driven plays on the rise across the globe, our thesis is that customers will want to pay when and where they want, with the least friction possible. This lead us to building a mobile payment product that sits on top of Stripe and works best for small businesses, independent contractors as well as for delivery use cases.

    We’ve called it Lunatap and we think it is a beautifully easy way to take your Stripe account on the road. Leave your bulky card machine behind. Login using your Stripe account, tap out an amount, type or scan your customer’s card and boom, money in your bank account.
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    At Lochal we imagine, plan and bring consumer internet experiences to life. We’re not a traditional agency nor a development house. We do a mixture of consulting, designing and engineering. Our customers, range from startups through to large multinationals.

    Our skill set is a balance between product strategy, a deep love of finely crafted user interfaces and experiences, whilst always steeped in making business sense.
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    We've made a small investment in an interesting blockchain startup called Verify and are continuing to look at other interesting opportunities.

    We’re sector agnostic. We aren’t a VC building a portfolio, nor are we seed stage spray and pray. If anything, we’re cautious investors and over the years we’ve found that it’s relatively rare for us to find the magical combination of right team, idea and market. We’re also conscious of ensuring that our approach is Sharia compliant and therefore turn down opportunities in some sectors.
    Our ideal today is to find simple internet businesses ($3m to $30m in revenues) that have high margins, are profitable or are fast approaching that point, are growing steadily and are run by a great team.
    As with most things that we do, our approach is iterative, always evolving and with many an experiment throw in for good measure.
    We're Esanjo along with Lunatap, Lochal and more